Connecting People, Houses & Experiences

We are a boutique investment company that specialises in the luxury market. We believe in providing a personalised experience to our clients by helping them design their investment and lifestyle journey. We value building strong relationships with our clients and are committed to providing them with the best possible experiences. We focus on delivering a sophisticated and exclusive service that differentiates them from other investment firms.

Our values

A house is more than a property - it is a home, a statement, an experience, and an investment. Our differentials lie in our careful curation of high-end properties, our elite network of like-minded individuals, and our commitment to providing bespoke experiences that go beyond the norm

Connecting People

We transcend beyond the ordinary boundaries of real estate. We pride ourselves in cultivating an exquisite community, a harmonious constellation of like-minded connoisseurs - investors, homeowners, service providers, and members of our elite lifestyle club. It's not merely about the properties we offer, it's about the extraordinary individuals we unite under the Rocking Houses' banner.


At the heart of Rocking Houses lies our discerning curation of the most distinguished properties in Marbella. Each 'house' is not simply a structure; it is a statement of unparalleled elegance, a testament to the sublime. Our select clientele sees more than just residences; they recognise these embodiments of taste and refinement that define the essence of the Rocking Houses' portfolio.


Our client's journey extends beyond a mere acquisition; it's an initiation into a world of unparalleled experiences. Each transaction is the commencement of a unique narrative, carefully curated from the purchasing process through to the extraordinary additional services that we provide. Our commitment lies not simply in facilitating real estate transactions, but in crafting bespoke experiences that leave a lasting impression, echoing the unique ethos of Rocking Houses.

High end Concierge & Lifestyle Management Membership

The Rocking Houses Concierge is a high end luxury concierge service. Members of RH enjoy the freedom of getting everything they like regardless of where they live.

We strictly limit our membership to ensure we can deliver on our promises, big and small. Each member and their family is matched perfectly with their own personal manager

RH Concierge is an invitation-only membership service. We offer a complete concierge and lifestyle management service. Our clients are often referred through existing members. The service is unique and tailored towards each individual.

Membership enables us to use our extensive global network and offer exceptional service to our highly valued clientele.Once a membership application has been submitted, it will be processed and clients will speak with a representative before the membership is accepted.

Distinctive Real Estate Opportunities for the Discerning Investor.

Rocking Houses stands as the silent keyholder to Marbella's most exclusive real estate opportunities. Our subtle orchestration merges discerning investors with off-market prospects, enveloping them within an ecosystem of elevated living and timeless sophistication, all bespoke to the unique ethos of Rocking Houses

We offer a trusted consultancy to help our clients find exceptional properties worldwide for both rental and purchase. In turn, if you’d like to sell or rent your property, our level of exposure is unequalled.Deep expertise ensures efficiency and value: providing knowledge on luxury properties globally, including purchases, sales, renting, marketing, off-market opportunities, and further real estate investments.

Our Services

Forged around the unique objective of bestowing the priceless gift of time upon our members. We leverage our extensive global network to cater to life's essential requirements, desires, and needs. By making the extraordinary accessible, we offer our members privileged access to a bespoke lifestyle of timeless elegance, meticulously curated for the present and future.

Restaurants, Nightlife & Private Members’ Clubs

Interactions add zest to life, and we lean on fine dining, vibrant nightlife, and exclusive private members' clubs to keep our senses invigorated.

Rocking Houses' in-house specialist teams ensure members consistently have access to the newest and the best, guaranteeing life remains far from boring.

Art advisory services

From privileged access to art fairs to curated gallery tours and acquisition of elusive art pieces, our advisory services guide both novice and seasoned collectors through the intricate tapestry of the art realm.

We have an exclusive partnership with the number one art company in London.

Embodies the true spirit of design excellence

We embrace a comprehensive approach to create spaces that speak volumes about elegance and style. Each design element, every choice of material, is thoughtfully curated to not just complement the architecture but to create a seamless harmony with the lifestyle of the inhabitants

We work with the best partners, the numbers one in Marbella.

Staff Hiring

We alleviate the strains of your daily routine. Our premier concierge services are designed to manage all aspects of your life, from the practical necessities to the mundane chores, ensuring an effortless lifestyle experience that frees you from the constraints of everyday pressures.

Private chefs, tutors, gardeners, contractors, nannies, housekeepers, dog walkers, and more are available from our extensive global database of vetted suppliers, often for reduced fees and last-minute availability.

Experience Rocking Houses

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